Research, Development and Innovation

KMM-VIN offers through its members integrated solutions (“from idea to ready product”) of new structural and functional materials processed via cutting edge technologies. Our novel integrated solutions comprise:

  • design of materials chemical composition, phase composition and structural models
  • verified and optimised materials technologies
  • complete characterisation of materials microstructure, properties and performance in service conditions
  • modelling of materials properties and behaviour under complex thermomechanical loading conditions and harsh environments
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Our core competency lies in the following materials groups (abbreviated as KMM):

  • advanced ceramics
  • metals (including high temperature steels) and highly processed alloys
  • intermetallics and shape memory alloys
  • composites and functionally graded materials (ceramic-metal, ceramic-ceramic, metal-metal, ...) with fiber-, nano- or microparticle, or interpenetrating reinforcement
  • thick and thin layers (layered materials, coatings, surface modification)
  • biomaterials and bioinspired materials
  • joints of advanced materials
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