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What is KMM-VIN virtual institute?
Join the non-virtual world of Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials

KMM-VIN is a single legal entity (association non-profit) with a supranational character gathering research institutes, universities as well as companies offering integrated basic and applied commercial research, educational and innovation activities in the field of knowledge-based structural and multifunctional materials. At present KMM-VIN partnership consists of 40 core and 26 associate members, and is constantly growing.

The mission of KMM-VIN is to develop a new European model of integration (virtual institute) and self-sustainable cooperation of the stakeholders in the area of knowledge-based structural and functional materials offering wide access to research, technology and development for industry, SMEs and academia via R&D projects, testing, analysis and consultancy services.

The current thematic scope of KMM-VIN is arranged within four Working Groups focused on:

The KMM-VIN membership includes research groups with expertise in material processing technologies, characterization of material microstructure, mechanical and physical properties, modelling (analytical and numerical) of material behaviour under design and in-service conditions. The continuously growing number of researchers within the KMM-VIN members, comprise specialists in materials science, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and numerical methods, who are capable of forming problem-oriented consortia to provide comprehensive and verifiable solutions in the KMM area.

KMM-VIN addresses research and service offerings primarily to the following sectors:

  • TRANSPORT, automotive, rail and maritime (e.g. elements of combustion engines, valvetrains, camshafts, brakes, sensors, actuators, devices for motion control).
  • AEROSPACE and AERONAUTICS, (e.g. elements of aeroengines, turbine blades, exhaust systems)
  • ENERGY, conventional and renewable (e.g. headers, steam lines and turbines in ¬†steam power plants, hydrogen storage, heat exchangers burning devices of highsulphur coal, oil drilling components, coils in thermonuclear reactors).
  • HEALTH, biomedical applications (e.g. substitution or repair of lost tissue function, sensors and actuators for control and support of many bodily functions).
  • ELECTRONICS, (e.g. MEMS, sensors, heat dissipation elements, ...).

KMM-VIN offers the following services:

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