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The TU Dresden is one of eleven German universities that were identified as an “excellence university”. TUD has about 36.500 students and almost 5319 employees, 507 professors among them, and, thus, is the largest university in Saxony, today.

The Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) of TU Dresden carries out extensive research and development projects in the field of load-conform lightweight structures and systems.  Such projects are based on a cross-material, cross-product approach which deals with the entire “material, design, simulation, assembly, prototype testing, cost” value chain. In keeping with the Institute’s philosophy of “one-stop lightweight engineering solutions”, the team at ILK covers a diverse range of specializations and skills.

ILK demonstrates its expertise in the constant development of lightweight products made of modern fibre-reinforced composite materials with a high degree of function integration. The Institue also aims at developing design rules and optimization criteria for lightweight components, especially for high-performance purposes. Here, a special focus is set on multi-material design. For the calculation and simulation of lightweight structures under static and dynamic (crash) loads, specially developed software tools based on analytical methods are applied as well as commercially available FEA software systems.

Another major research area of the ILK is the development of innovative material concepts with high lightweight potential (e. g. textile-reinforced composites, hybrid composites, metal matrix composites) substantiated with appropriate strategies for design and engineering.


Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Leichtbau und Kunststofftechnik
Holbeinstr. 3
01307 Dresden

Main contact:
Prof. W. Hufenbach


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