Industrial Workshop 2 - Bremen 2014

On May 21-22, 2014, the above mentioned workshop was held at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) in Bremen, Germany. 42 specialists from industry, academia and medicine from 10 countries gathered for the event, which was co-organised by KMM-VIN and IFAM (see programme).

The workshop was drawn up as a two-day event with thirteen oral contributions from both members of KMM-VIN and external speakers. While current developments in biodegradable implant materials, bone tissue engineering scaffolds and biofunctionalisation strategies were discussed on day one, the second day was dedicated to modelling approaches, methods of implant characterisation, as well as industrial and clinical perspectives on current needs in the field. The workshop was complemented by a poster session including flash presentations, where young researchers from the KMM-VIN membership had the opportunity to present their work. Finally, a KMM-VIN Open Forum was held by representatives of KMM-VIN to inform further about the activities of the Virtual Institute in training, joint research and EU project collaboration opportunities, especially within the Biomaterials working group:

With the participation of representatives from six companies and four hospitals, the workshop was certainly beneficial to establish new networks and to foster application oriented research and development in the field. The good atmosphere was also reflected in a successful evening event at the end of the first day, where the group visited the Bremen City Hall and enjoyed a dinner at the historic Bremer Ratskeller, both of which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

List of presentations from IW2:
(the full presentations are available for KMM-VIN Members only, click here)

  • Biofunctionalisation
  • Bone cement testing
  • Industrial CMF implant development
  • Innovations in BTE
  • Osteochondral substitutes
  • Poster session
  • Processing of degradable material

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