Università degli Studi di Padova

The Department of Construction and Transportation Engineering at the University of Padua offers excellent opportunities for research and study, leading to advanced degrees in the areas of mechanics of materials, structural analysis and design, mechanics of structures and solids and construction. The curriculum study provides a strong basis for advanced professional practice, research or teaching. The teaching activity is involved in Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Structural Dynamic and Earthquake Engineering, Design and behaviour of reinforced and prestressed concrete and steel structures and Design of Transportation Structures.
The active involvement of the Department in forefront research projects and in the solution of challenging real world engineering problems is up-to-date and relevant, in the field of Mechanics of Multiphase Materials with applications to Environmental Geomechanics, Computational Analysis of High Performance Concrete Structures subject to high temperature and Durability of Structures concrete, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Fusion Technology and Reliability of Reinforced Structures, Mechanics of Biological Materials. A very advanced Laboratory is involved in tests of construction materials.
The department takes part in several European Projects, e.g.:
  • CUTTER: ‘Enhanced Design and Production of Wear Resistant Rock Cutting Tools for Construction Machinery’,
  • MAECENAS: ‘Modelling of Ageing in Concrete Nuclear Power Plant Structures’,
  • MACSI-net: ‘A European Network of Excellence To Further the Interaction of mathematics and industry in Europe’,
  • UPTUN: ‘Cost-Effective, Sustainable and Innovative Upgrading Methods for Fire Safety in Existing Tunnels’,
  • NW - IALAD: ‘Network – Integrity Assessment of Large Concrete Dams’,
  • CONTRACT Fuo5-CT-2002-00073 (EFDA/02-660): ‘Mechanical Modelling of ITER Superconducting Cable’,
  • Centre of Excellence MIUR (CE00197531): ‘Science and Applications of Advanced Computational Paradigms’and
  • KMM.NoE: ‘Nework of Excellence- Knowledge-based Multicomponent Materials for Durable and Safe Performance’,
Department of Structural and Transportation Engineering
Via Marzolo 9, 35125 Padova
Telephone: +39-049-827 5611
Fax: +39-049-827 5604
Web: www.dic.unipd.it
Main contact: Prof Bernhard SCHREFLER

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