The current thematic scope of KMM-VIN is arranged within four Working Groups focused on:

The KMM-VIN membership includes research groups with expertise in material processing technologies, characterisation of material microstructure, mechanical and physical properties, modelling (analytical and numerical) of material behaviour under design and in-service conditions. The continuously growing number of researchers within the KMM-VIN members, comprise specialists in materials science, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and numerical methods, who are capable of forming problem-oriented consortia to provide comprehensive and verifiable solutions in the KMM area.

The solid base for the research of KMM-VIN Working Groups was created by the Workpackages of the Network of Excellence 'Knowledge-based Multicomponent Materials for Durable and Safe Performance' (KMM-NoE;  EU FP6 project NMP3-CT-2004-502243).

The key results of KMM-NoE can be found here.

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