WG3. BioMaterials

Thematic scope

WG3 is presently composed of 22 KMM-VIN members. There is considerable expertise in this group in three fundamental areas where Materials Science and Engineering is contributing to the biomedical field, namely: i) to improve established materials for medical devices, e.g. implants,  ii) to develop new, multifunctional and bioactive materials for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and drug delivery and iii) to apply biomimetic approaches to the field of biomedical materials applications. Certainly the name of the group "Biomaterials" encompasses also the group of "natural" materials and nature mimicking materials, which can be considered for a wide range of applications, e.g. not only in the biomedical field. This brings along a fourth target of the WG3 group, namely: (iv) drive forward the fundamental understanding and mastering of biomaterials through engineering science approaches, be they theoretical, computational, experimental or any hybrid form in-between them.

Indeed this fourth area of expertise in WG3 can be considered a horizontal platform which is involved in the all three previously named themes.

The expertise available in WG3 is very broad and varied and subgroups along the lines described above are planned. The division of WG3 into subgroups is indicated below.

Structure of the WG3

The WG has been preliminary divided into 3 thematic groups (“vertical” structure):

  • Biomedical materials: traditional applications
  • Biomedical materials: tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug delivery
  • Biomimetic and natural materials

There will be also a fourth “horizontal” group:

  • Fundamental engineering science approaches to biomaterials

It is envisaged that each group will have 1 subgroup leader, each participant will be able to participate in as many subgroups as necessary, according to their expertise.


Prof. A. R. Boccaccini (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
Prof. C. Hellmich (TU Vienna, Austria)

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