The accession procedure in KMM-VIN requires that the Applicant fills in and submits two documents:
Admission of new members shall be decided by voting by the KMM-VIN General Assembly.

If you wish to apply for membership to KMM-VIN, please do the following steps:

  • complete the KMM-VIN Accession Form
  • complete the KMM-VIN Expertise Interest Form
  • send by surface mail: the signed original of the KMM-VIN Accession Form to KMM-VIN Registered Office in Brussels: rue du Trone, 98; B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • send by email: (i) KMM-VIN Expertise Interest Form and (ii) a pdf copy of signed KMM-VIN Accession Form to KMM-VIN GA Chairman (Prof. J. Eberhardsteiner) cc: to KMM-VIN Secretary (Prof. K. Dolinski).

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